Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a weekend!

This has been an interesting weekend. First, a strange lady came to visit. Her name was Sandy. The girl let her into the house but didn't act like she knew her. She smelled like a bunch of other dogs, so that was pretty cool. I wanted to jump all over her and play with her, but BLU kept telling me something scary was going on. I think BLU is a little bit paranoid.

I'm not paranoid. I've just lived here longer. I think she is the new sitter, although I don't know what happened to Liz. I tried to warn Comet that meeting the new sitter means that the girl is going to be leaving again soon. He just doesn't have a clue sometimes.

At first I really thought BLU was nuts, but maybe she has a point. The girl started taking all sorts of clothes out of the closet. But instead of putting them into the black box, she put them in a black plastic bag. I never saw her put the going-away clothes in a bag before. I think I will need to be clingy for the rest of the weekend.

After the girl put the clothes in the bag, she put them in the car and then left. She didn't even give us a treat! Oh, wait, she came back a little while later. Maybe she isn't going to leave. Or maybe she's trying to be sneaky and hide the clothes in the car and then leave the next day. Something is wrong. Very wrong. And I don't like it a bit!

I still don't trust the girl. She's trying to pretend like nothing is wrong. She got up this morning and put a bunch of clothes into the machine outside, then started doing yardwork. We have a tree that is really pokey in the yard. The branches are really low, and sometimes when we chase birds, we get scratched by the tree. Today the girl attacked the tree and got rid of all the low branches.

BLU was making me very nervous. While the girl was working on the tree, I was eating grass. I don't like when BLU is nervous; it makes my tummy hurt.

All of a sudden, the girl let out a loud scream. It was really scary. Comet ran in the house and puked up all the grass he was eating. The girl headed toward the house, hopping on one foot and crying. This was not good. After the girl got in the house, she sat down and pulled off her shoe.

This big thorn poked all the way through her shoe and into her foot. See what we mean by having pokey trees in the yard! I'm glad she decided to trim that tree. I would have hated to step on that thorn!

We did have a chance to join some of our friends for the DWB Wine, Cheese, and Chat Pawty! That was pretty fun. Comet didn't enjoy it. He's had an upset tummy most of the day and just wanted to cling to the girl. Even treats of ice cubes didn't perk him up too much.

Hopefully Monday will be better!
Comet and BLU


Luckie Girl said...

Hey - I hope your girl is betta. That nail looks very dangerous.
So have you'all figured out where she's going with all that clothes in the black bag??

Lacey said...

The girl claims she took them to Goodwill (whatever that means) but we still don't trust her.

Hana said...

Wow, look at that thorn! Goodness Gracious! Good thing it got your girl and not YOU TWO! (I do hope your girl feels better though)

Anonymous said...

Owie .. I hope the girl is feeling better.. that must have given her a really sore paw!

Joe Stains said...

those thorns SUCK. I get them in my paws when we go for walks and mom got one in her bike tire the FIRST day she had it!