Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In the dark

I think the girl is trying to trick us. BLU still doesn't want to eat her special food, so now the girl is feeding us in the dark. Doesn't she know that BLU's food smells different than mine? Why does she think we can't tell the difference when the room is dark?

That's not why we are eating in the dark. The light bulb in the food room burned out and the girl hasn't changed it yet. And it's been a whole week. Maybe one of these days she will fix the light so we can see again.


Anonymous said...

But in the dark the girl can't see if you eat the wrong food either!

Crystal said...

Come on Girl - change the light bulb, you don't want the dogs to be affected by seasonal disorders so use a special light bulb

Joe Stains said...

mom has some light bulbs if you need to borrow one, I can put it just outside the door...with Tanner.... :)

Herbie said...

hmm... maybe if someone has a bright idea at home, there'll be an extra bulb?