Monday, January 15, 2007

Bye Bye Birdies

I think the cold weather chased away all the birds, because we haven't seen hardly any birds since the invasion a couple of days ago.

It has been really cold here. The temperature has been getting down to 28F ( -2C) for the past couple of nights. The girl doesn't like the cold at all. She keeps adding blankets to the bed. I don't think BLU likes the cold either. Last night, BLU slept on the bed with the girl - something she NEVER does.

I love the cold. I think it is really cool to go outside and have the grass crunch under my feet. When I breathe, weird clouds come out of my mouth. I try to chase them.

This morning, the girl bundled up and took us for a walk. We didn't go very far. Somebody had their sprinkler on and the water froze on the sidewalk. The girl stepped on it and slipped and fell down. She didn't get hurt, but she didn't want to walk us any more, so she brought us back home. I guess I will just have to spend the rest of the day chasing the clouds from my mouth.


hana said...

It has been freezing here in so called "sunny" California. This is not good because my parents walk me less. It is too cold outside. Like over in your area, water has iced on the cement, but my parents have not slipped and fallen yet. I am spending more time in my bed and on my parents bed because it keeps me warm. My poops outside are called Poopsicles! Hee hee!

Cubby said...

Dakota loves the cold, too. She almost pulled mom down on the ice this morning. I was being a good boy (actually, I was slipping, too)

Fu Fu said...

Ouch, your girl fell? I hope she's ok..

~ fufu

Joe Stains said...

oh no, I can't believe your poor mom fell down! This weather STINKS!

BLU and Comet said...

My girl is ok - she said that only her pride was hurt, whatever that means. BLU thinks it is my fault for walking too fast, but I was really trying to melt all the ice by peeing on it.

Boo said...

hey comet & BLU,

i heard about the cold weather, though you two love cold but also don't get cold!

wet wet licks


Ben_Benjamin said...

dropping by to say hi

Anonymous said...

What kind of crazy people turn their sprinklers on when it's that cold out? All you southern dogs make me laugh when you complain about the cold. You don't know what cold is - bwa ha ha! But then again, it is all relative ... it's cold to you! Keep warm and snuggle!

Sunshade said...

Oh no.... your girl fell again.. she must have a steel butt! BLU, you really dont' like the cold?? You have so much hair!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

BLU and Comet said...

Our girl has lots of padding, so falling down doesn't hurt too much. I used to have a lot of fur, but it's pretty thin now. The girl just knows how to style it so that I look fluffier. Comet is the one who is really hairy, and he kind of likes the cold.