Sunday, July 23, 2006


This weekend has been hot hot hot! I really really wanted to go out for a walk, but every time the girl opened the door, really hot air came in. It was around 116F for the last three days! As hot as it is, it doesn't compare to the hottest temperature in Phoenix, which was 122F on June 26, 1990. I'm glad I wasn't around to see that!

I spent most of the weekend sleeping on the tiles in the bathroom. They are nice and cool. Comet hogged the chair that is right under the air conditioning vent. The bathroom is also nice and convenient when I get thirsty. There's a great big water bowl in there just for me. For some reason though, the girl keeps putting the cover on it so I can't get any water :-(

I kept trying to tell the girl to cook an egg on the sidewalk (yummy for me) but she didn't. She did drop some frozen raspberries on the floor, and I gobbled them up before she could get them.


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