Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big Flap Over the Door

Wow! I just found out that there is a big hole in the back door. Usually I have to push this heavy flap, but last night the girl took it off and I could run in and out without it. It was soooo cool. I like it alot, especially since I can now see BLU coming through the other side and we don't run into each other. I hope the girl leaves it this way.

Oh drat, she put a new one on. It's nicer than the old one - I can see through it without all the nose slime on it. And she got it on just in time! There were a lot of bright lights flashing in the sky and loud booming noises. Sometimes I could only count to 2 or 3 between the flash and the boom. I was scared and wanted to keep running in the house to hide, and back out to look at the lights. The girl didn't like that when she was putting on the flap, so she locked BLU and me outside while she worked. The weather was really really scary. I'm glad to be back inside, and glad to have a new flap.


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