Sunday, July 30, 2006

Exiled to the back yard

I'm mad at the girl. She locked me outside for 2 whole hours. Can you believe it. TWO hours! and it is HOT out there. And all because she was having that kid over to visit. I don't like that kid. I can sense that she doesn't like animals, so I'm not going to like her back. She never did anything bad to me, but I still don't want to be anywhere near her; I snarl when she is around. It's my house and I should be able to decide who gets to visit or not! I can't believe that she gets to come in and I get stuck outside. Hmmmph!

I could tell something was up this morning. She moved the rock that keeps the big metal door on the back from closing. I knew she was getting ready to close that door, which means she was either going to lock us in or lock us out. The girl kept looking out the window like she was waiting for something. I was hoping it was pizza! I saw a car drive up and the girl sprung into action, trying to get BLU and me out of the house. Aha! we were going to be locked out. NO way!

I ran for my crate, since sometimes she will just lock that door and let me stay inside. BLU pushed her way into the crate too. Geeeez, there's no frigging way she's gonna let us both stay in here together.

I can tell she's getting mad that we won't come out. She grabbed my collar and tried pulling me out of the crate. I almost slipped my collar but she was too fast and wrapped her arm around my middle. Not a good sign. Now she can grab me and pick me up. Yep, my feet actually left the ground. I tried squirming, but she just held tighter. As we approached the door, I tried one last wriggle, and a bark. All it did was call BLU. Darn it! If BLU would have stayed in the house, I would have been able to try to sneak back in when she tossed BLU outside. Now we are both stuck outside. FOR TWO HOURS!!!

Enough of your incessant whining already. If you were capable of behaving in a civilized manner, the girl wouldn't have to toss you outside every time she invited somebody over to the house. The part that is unfair is that I get thrown out with you, even though I know how to behave myself. Besides, it wasn't that bad outside. The temperature was only in the lower 90s and it was overcast. It's not like you had the hot sun beating down on you. If I wasn't uncomfortable with all my black fur, then you shouldn't be whining about being outside. Besides, the girl put out a big bowl of water for us. It's not my fault that you decided to dig a big hole in the girl's yard, then wash your feet in our clean water. Learn some manners!

And as far as the crate goes, you have some nerve laying claim to it. Yes, technically the girl bought it for you when you first moved in. But you HATE the crate! You complain almost the entire time you are locked in there. Plus, the only time you go in is when the girl puts you in time out or you did something naughty and try to hide from her. I love the crate. It's my favorite place to go when you drive me nuts and I need a nice quite place to relax without you poking at me to play. I also love to go into the crate and dig. I don't get my feet dirty that way, and there are no holes for the girl to fill when I'm done. Since I like it and use it, and possession is 90% of the law, the crate is mine!

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