Saturday, December 30, 2006

Locked in a dark room

The funniest thing happened last night. The girl went out and BLU locked herself in a dark room. She was stuck there until the girl came home. It was great! I had the entire house to myself without BLU getting in the way. I put a few of my toys right by the door so she could see and smell them, but not touch them. The only bad thing is that when the girl finally came home and let BLU out, the first thing BLU did was attack me. That wasn't very nice.

It wasn't that funny. The girl normally keeps foam stoppers on top of our doors so that we can't get locked in a room. When she leaves the house, she closes her bedroom door so we can't go in there. Last night, she thought she closed it, but the latch didn't catch. Comet was driving me nuts, so I went in there to get away from him and sleep on the girl's bed. Comet kept coming in and bugging me, so I tried to slam the door on him. Sometimes I actually catch him, but he doesn't get hurt because of the door stoppers. This time I slammed the door and it closed all the way. Luckily Comet was on the outside of the door and not stuck in the room with me!

It wasn't too bad being stuck in the dark. I slept most of the time, and a little light from outside and under the door was in the room. It wasn't scary at all. Plus, I didn't have to deal with Comet. It was actually quite nice. I was happy when the girl came home and let me out though, because I really had to pee!

ps. The girl used to put a towel over the doors before she bought these stoppers from PetsMart. She found them about a year ago, but hasn't seen them there lately.


Anonymous said...

Whoa - I wonder if Chani has ever though of locking herself in a room to get away from me! That was a smart move, Blu!

A&S said...

dear blu and comet,
i had a similar experience, once i spent over a half an hour stuck in the coat closet!!! Mom was going to take Akira on a walk and so she got her coat out of the closet, shut it, and then went with Akira outside. What she didn't realize was, she shut me in the closet!! it was really neat in there though, because there were scarfs and coats and boxes and forgotten things on the floor that i explored while they were gone. Mom got worried when she couldn't find me when they got home, so she called my name, and i let her know where i was! once akira got stuck in the laundry room and the ironing board fell, blocking the door from being opened easily! he wasn't in there as long as i was in the coat closet though! oh well. that was a long time ago. today, we went to the park!


Hammer said...


I hope all your special dreams come true.

Thank you again for your beautiful Christmas card.

Love from your Aussie mate, Hammer

Joe Stains said...

those door things are a great idea! I locked myself in the laundry room a couple of times because it was storming and I was scared!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Happy New Year guys, lets hope that 2007 is a great year for all doggies and humans too :-)


Wired for Mackie said...

Happy New Year, Comet and Blu!
Wishing you a wonderful 2007!

Your pal, Mackie