Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tag! Who's it?

Yikes! We've been Christmas tagged by Joey and Tanner. At first that sounded really scary, but it really isn't.

The Rules: The player of this game starts with "3 things he/ she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/ she definitely does not want to get for Christmas". Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Ok For Christmas Comet would love to get:
1. Cartons of toilet paper and kleenex to chew
2. Snow to play in
3. A great big bloody juicy steak

Comet really, really doesn't want for Christmas:
1. Rules!
2. His nails clipped or fur brushed
3. Curry

For Christmas BLU would love to get:
1. More snuggle time with her girl
2. Normal food instead of the icky kidney food
3. Stuffed toys to rip apart

BLU really, really doesn't want for Christmas:
1. A bath (or water of any kind)
2. Stray cats in her yard
3. Comet or the girl to hog the computer

We are tagging....... Ender, Freda, Huskee Boy, Ronak, and Hana


Fu Fu said...

Comet, you dont like curry?

~ fufu

BLU and Comet said...

fufu, curry smells like it should taste yummy, but the girl makes it so spicy that it burns my tongue off!