Monday, December 11, 2006


My girl likes to eat Fritos.
She likes the smell of Fritos.
She likes to lick salt off Fritos.

She says my feet smell like Fritos.
I like the smell of Fritos.
I like to lick Fritos.
I like to lick my feet.
They taste salty and smell like Fritos.

The girl yells at me for licking my feet!
I don't understand my girl at all.
Why doesn't she want me to lick my yummy Frito feet?
Maybe she wants to lick my feet.


Boo said...

exactly why is your girl not allow you to lick your own feet? it is yours afterall. not like you are licking her feet. LOL

i sometime likc my... *ahem* that part. my hooman never yell at me?!

wet wet licks


Freda said...

Hey Comet,

Hmmm... Lickin' Fritos? ...Lickin' feets? Hmmm... I'd be carefuls when that Fritos bag pops open. As 'THEY' say 'It smells like the feet of angels.'

I lick my feets, so do I get any Fritos?

What are Angel Frito Feets? I'm all mixed up, again!


Fu Fu said...

Oh... Frito .Comet your feet does sound yummy. Did BLU tried?

~ fufu

Ferndoggle said...

Penny smells like fritos! No kidding. Maybe she's sneaking into my stash when I'm not looking!

The Dogs of Jackman Ave

Joe Stains said...

I love to lick my feet too, but mom has never smelled them. SHe gets mad because I like to get under the covers and lick my feet and it makes a big wet spot on the bed :(

Sunshade said...

Mum says my feet smells like rice or popcorn, and since she eats a lot of both, I'm waiting for her to lick my feet too!! I'm sure your girl is going to lick your feet any day now, that's why she doesn't want you to lick off all the yummy aromas!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Joe Stains said...

I tagged you for this christmas thing, check out my blog!!

Wee Wiggly WFT said...

Hi, Comet & Blu! Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful Christmas card! It was the very first one we got and mum and I love it! BTW, mum says my toes smell like Doritos. I like to chew my toenails and annoy her. It drives her positively mad, heh heh! I tried to chew mum's toenails once. BLECH! Her toes DO NOT smell like Doritos! Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful howliday season!!!
Your pal,

BLU and Comet said...

Boo and Joey,
For some reason, the girl doesn't like the sound when I lick my feet. It annoys her. I also like to leave a big wet spot on the chair or rug when I do that. The girl doesn't like that either.

Derby, BLU chews her toenails too. For some reason this doesn't bother the girl as much as licking. I don't know why.

I hope BLU and the girl don't try to lick my feet. I don't like my feet touched, much less licked! They are very ticklish! hehehehe