Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We're Not Pillows!

I think something is wrong with our girl. Every day this week, she has left the house really early in the morning, and then comes home after dark. She walks in the house with a great big bag full of papers and spends several hours reading them and writing things, rather than playing with us. Last night, I hopped up on the couch with her so she could pet me as she was reading. Her hand hardly moved at all. It just sat there on me. I licked her hand a few times to get her attention, and she leaned over to hug me.... and fell asleep on me! I'm not a pillow! Normally, I would have just left, but I didn't want to wake her up. She seemed so tired. Plus, I got to actually snuggle up to her - Comet just had to watch from the floor.

Just be glad that she only slept on you for 10 minutes. The girl is supposed to wake up by 6 in the morning so I can bark and wake all the neighbors. She didn't wake up. I had to jump on the bed and bark in her face to get her to move. Instead of getting up, she rolled over and used me as a pillow! I tried squirming, but it didn't wake her up. I even barked a few more times, and she just snored back. I was trapped for a half hour before she got up- and I really had to pee!


hana said...

Hm. Something is very wrong. Your girl is too busy with paperwork and doesn't know how to enjoy life likes dogs do. It's up to you doggies to teach her a thing or two, otherwise you 2 will be pillows again.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Yep - I know this condition ! My mumma suffers from it regularly - she calls it being "zortsted". You make sure you look after her, so she will feel better soon, okay ?