Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm mad at BLU. Instead of just eating her biscuit, she decided to save it all night. That wouldn't be so bad if she didn't guard the entire house to protect her precious biscuit. After making sure the girl was asleep, I wanted to go into the living room to sleep on my favorite chair. BLU's biscuit wasn't even near the chair, but could I use it.....NOOOOOO! What a brat! I sure didn't want to stay on the floor all night, so I decided to sneak up on the bed.

I won't be making that mistake again! I was having a nice dream about stealing BLU's biscuit, when smoooosh! I got squished! The girl rolled over on top of me!

It scared me and I jumped up and growled really loud. I was just about to bite her and then I realized that it was my girl - and that it was an accident. At least all that noise caused the girl to get up and make BLU let me into the living room.


Ender said...

Sorry you got smooshed. Cool blog!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I sleep in the big bed all the time! Just make your girl get a bigger bed then you can have your own spot!

Bussie Kissies

hana said...

Comet, maybe you should think about getting your own nice cushy bed. Then your girl will want to get into YOUR bed, then you can squish HER!

Lacey said...

Comet - Stop being such a drama queen! You didn't get smooshed *that* hard! Besides, the times you use me as a trampoline are far more painful than a little squishing at night or being used as a pillow for a couple of minutes.

"the girl"