Sunday, August 13, 2006

She came back!

She's back! She's back! The girl is back!!
The girl was gone for almost a week, but she came home today! I'm so happy I nearly peed on the floor. As she came in the door, I nearly knocked her down jumping with joy. I hate it when the girl leaves, but am soooo happy when she comes back.

I knew she was leaving about a week ago. She keeps a few big black boxes in a closet and when she pulls one of those out and puts her clothes into it, it means she is going to leave. She pulled a big one out last Monday, so I knew she would be gone for a while. I was hoping it would only be for 2 or 3 nights, but she was gone for 5 nights. That's a long time for my girl to be gone.

Even though I miss her when she is gone, Liz comes over to take care of us. Liz is really nice and doesn't understand all the rules, so we can get away with things the girl doesn't let us do. Comet sleeps on the bed all night with Liz, but our girl only lets him on the bed for a goodnight snuggle - not all night. Liz gives us lots more treats than our girl does, and lets us poke her until she gives us attention. She's fun, but not as fun as our girl is.

On the first night that Liz showed up after our girl left, she was too busy playing with us that she forgot to turn off the alarm. There were lots of loud scary noises. I didn't like it at all! Then the police showed up too. One of the officers was really cute. Too bad our girl wasn't here for that - I think she would have liked the officer too! Liz told the officers everything was ok, and they left. She gave us extra treats for being so good and putting up with all the noise.

I'm glad the girl is home. It's nice to get hugs and snuggles from her.

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