Saturday, August 05, 2006

Job well done

We did our job today and protected the girl. It was around 7 this morning, and there was a noise behind the fence. At first it just sounded like a truck, but then there were footsteps. Somebody was out there!


We made as much noise as possible and even banged against the gate, which usually scares anyone away from the back of our fence. It didn't work this time. Instead, a man poked his head up over the fence and had something black in his hand that he put over his eyes (binoculars).

We heard the key in the lock, which the girl uses to call us into the house. Yippeeee... a biscuit. But wait, if we ran in for the treat, who would scare the man away? Nope, we have to concentrate on scaring the man.

Because we didn't go in, the girl came outside. Comet decided to show off and jumped really high, almost knocking the binoculars out of the man's hands. The girl saw the man. She didn't like that he was there and looking over the fence. She used her mean scary voice to ask him what he was doing. He said something about being from the gas company. She said something again like "on Saturday morning?". I don't know what overtime means, but she seemed to think that was an ok answer.

She told us we were good dogs, and went back inside the house. Comet took one last jump at the man (and almost got him) and then the man left.

We ran in the house, and got all sorts of praise and a greenie.
Comet and BLU

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