Saturday, February 17, 2007

Splish splash

we had to take a bath.....

Our girl decided that the weather was warm enough to give us a bath today. Unlike some of our friends, we have to go outside for our baths. At first we thought something fun was going to happen when we saw our leashes. Then we saw the scariest thing in the world..... shampoo and towels!!

I was first. I tried to tell that girl that since I have a cold, she shouldn't give me a bath. She refused to listen. I really really hate taking baths. She knows that, and makes sure that I can't run away in the middle. Look at how she tied the leash around both the table and the deck so that I can't get away. I don't even look all that dirty!

That didn't seem to matter to the girl. She turned on the hose at got me all wet. Then she added shampoo. At least it smelled nice. It was yummy coconut.

But wet is wet, and I don't like to be wet. I wiggled and shook, trying to get all the yucky water off of me. The girl said that this was the reason why I had to take a bath outside.

After I shook most of the water off, I demanded that the girl unchain me and dry me off properly.

She wrapped me in a towel and rubbed me until I was mostly dry.

I still wasn't dry enough, so I had to dry myself off.

Finally the girl gave up and tied me in the sun. I really wanted to roll on the bed to dry off. At least from this spot, I got to watch BLU suffer through her bath too! At least I wasn't the only one who was tortured today.

I thought I was going to escape the bath. While Comet was being tortured, the girl had safely locked me in the house. I was watching through the door and laughing at Comet. When she opened the door and asked me to come outside, it wasn't so funny anymore.

I basically had to go through the same routine.
Get wet.
Get shampoo. (Mine smelled like berries)
Get rubbed.
Get wet again

And finally, get squished with the towel.

I am so glad that bath time is over.
Luckily, the girl hates giving us a bath as much as we hate taking one. It will probably be 6 months before our next bath!


hana said...

Mmmmm, I bet you two smelled great. Coconut and berry? Why does she want to make you smell like food?

I am very disappointed that your girl gave you baths with cold outdoor water. That seems very cruel. How would your girl like it if you gave HER a bath outside and sprayed HER with a hose, with COLD water? Even worse, is how humiliating it is to take a bath OUTSIDE while someone takes PHOTOS OF YOU!!

Your girl was not very nice today. Hmphf.

Joe Stains said...

I can't believe you got baths, I hope your mom didn't get the idea from our blog...if so, we are SORRY!!!

Wired for Mackie said...

It must have been a bath weekend! I had one too! Yuck!
Although I see that you got to be outside because its so warm where you are and SO COLD here! Brrrr!

Your pal, Mackie

BLU and Comet said...

Hana, I agree, the girl was not nice at all for giving us a cold bath. Even though we didn't get to spray her with a hose, we did shake all the water off of us and onto the girl. She was almost as wet as us.

Joey, girl heard us giggling about making you have to take a bath, and she thought that would be a good idea for us as well. I guess we got bit by Karma. We promise not to make your people do mean things to you again, because our girl might do the same to us! We learned a very valuable lesson. Maybe we should demand that your people give you more treats! hehehe.

Mackie, Sorry to hear that you had to take a bath too - and have to go to the groomers this week on top of it. Stinky or not, that's just not right.