Sunday, March 16, 2008

Successful oPAWration

I stepped on a thorn today. It poked into my paw and I couldn't get it out all by myself.
The girl decided that she needed to oPAWrate on my foot. These are the scary tools she needed. I hope they are sterilized!
My girl was very brave.
She knows that I hate having my feet touched.
I HATE it!!
If somebody grabs my feet, I try to eat their fingers.
Notice how she is hiding her fingers so I can't eat them.

She was very fast and it hardly hurt at all when she pulled out the thorn. My foot felt so much better that I had to run around and check out my yard. I'm so glad I let her fix my foot and didn't eat my girl's fingers.


Maggie & Mitch said...

Moms are good for so many things, Comet! We're so glad your foot is all better!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

MNGirlyGirl said...

Oh Comet, I'm so sorry you got a thorn in your foot. I'm sure that had to hurt a lot!! Thank goodness your girl was brave and made it all better.

Foot kisses, Clive's Mom

Amber-Mae said...

Ouch! Glad your mom was there to rescue you!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Niamh said...

Thorns are very bad. It is good that your girl is a skilled surgeon! And you were very brave through the whole operation.

Be careful. Your friend,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Comet!
A thorn? That must be painful! Glad the opawration went well without bitting incidents!
Have a great day

Isis said...

i try to eat hoomans when they touch my feeties too.


Only the dr. man can touch my feeties... and sister has to hold me real tight cuz i show him my teefies too.

Kirby said...

I'm so glad you got that thorn out Comet. Those really hurt, so you were super lucky that your Mom got it out quickly and painlessly.

Your pal,

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

You are very good patient to sit there and let your mom perform the oPAWration on your paw!!! I am sure glad she removed the sticky!

Deefor said...

What a good pawtient you were! Lucky you live with a great surgeon. I hate thorns.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

becareful with ur footing next time...

Joe Stains said...

I HATE THORNS! I always get them in my paws. You were very brave and I hope you got some treats after that!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

oh that's great. I'm glad your girl took the thorn out fast

~ Girl girl

The Husky in the Window said...

I am so glad you are okay. And no bandage. Your mom is a good nurse.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Sparky said...

My paws are very sensitive too, I bite my humans fingers when they try to handle my paws. My paws are too ticklish to be handled!

I'm glad your paw is all better now! Oh, what would we do without our moms?


Hana said...

Hm, looks to me your right paw is missing. Are you sure your girl did a good job? I think it's quite questionable.

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

We are so glad, Comet, that you survived yur opawration. You have a good & steady Dr. Mom.
-Cosmos & Juneau-

Huskee Boy said...

Ouch!! Sounds painful just hearing you describe it...
You are one brave pup (and your girl is real brave too for risking her fingers)!

Amber said...

Hi Comet, i'm glad the thorn came out and you didn't eat your mom's fingers. be careful next time :)


Deetz said...

Thorns are probably alots like stickers, uh? Those hurt!!!

Cubby said...

Now you have to be her friend forever!

Cubby said...

You got it! My mom's name is Deanna. If you send me a picture, I will Cubby Art it for you!

Good job!

JB's Big World said...

Oooh, you did get stuck with a prickle! Be careful!

candi said...

Ouch, that must have been very painful for you, glad your mum was there to help.

take care
kisses & cuddles