Friday, October 26, 2007

Who did this????

Hey doggies, this is Comet and BLU's girl. They can't come to their blog right now. First, they need to fess up or rat out the guilty party.

Today I decided to clean the closet in my office. I was pulling a few things out, when all of a sudden, a bunch of brown things scattered across the floor. I nearly had a heart attack thinking I had an army of roaches living in there! Upon further inspection, this is what I found - a big pile of dog food. I didn't put it there, so who did?

I realized that I had bumped a shoe before all the food scattered across the floor. I pulled out the shoe, and found a few pieces of food in it. How weird!
Then I pulled out the other shoe. It was packed full of dog food. It seems unbelievable that Comet or BLU would fill my shoes with food. But if not them, then who? That's the question, and they aren't telling me any answers.

This shoe is packed full - all the way to the toes! I bet all the food that spilled was packed into the other shoe! Why on earth would I have two shoes packed full of dog food. And could Comet and BLU have done this, or are there other forces of evil that lurk in my closet?
I went to get the broom to clean up the mess, and came back to find Comet eating the food out of my shoe! At least that would explain why he has been so obsessed about getting into the closet for the last couple of months.
Between the food that spilled and that in my shoe, (not including what Comet ate) I swept up a big pile.
So, until further notice, this blog is being held hostage until I get some answers. If you ever want to hear from Comet and BLU again, you better get them to talk! I need to know who - when - and why!

~~The girl


Luckie Girl said...

LOL! Gee...I dunno what to say. Perhaps they were just storing their food for a rainy day? It pays to save right?

Hana said...

Hmmm, that is very odd. Have you ever stored kibble in the closet? Maybe the bag broke and some kibble went into your shoes but then BLU and Comet ate the stray pieces up. Maybe the dog sitter knows something? Gosh, I wish I would find kibble in my parents' shoes. That would be awesome!!!

Yes, I do think the dog sitter did it!

Clive's World said...

Oh, oh. I'm so sorry that Comet and BLU are in trouble. I'm a goodie two-shoe so I can't take the blame for this one, but in defense of my new pals, please go easy on them. They are just storing up for winter snackies! And, at least they didn't eat the shoes!
Your new pal, Clive

Anonymous said...

Wow - this reminds me of a story my Mom once told me ... she went away for the weekend and when she came home she found macaroni in shoes and in pants pockets and all sorts of strange places. It was so confusing - how did it get there? Then a day or so later a brown streak ran across the room - it was a shrew - a mouse type creature. That's who was doing it! Maybe you have mice!!!

Lorenza said...

I have no idea who did this!
Could be that Blue and Comet are trying to tell you to change their food bowls?
I hope they can give you a good answer!
Have a good night

A&S said...

it was the house elf.


That is very funny! Are Comet and BLU turning into squirrels?

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow! This is very odd and interesting at the same time. I wonder who did it. Wow!!!

2shibas said...

To the girl...

We had a similar experience recently and it turned out to be a MOUSE who was hoarding food in our spare bedroom closet! (This is not a joke!) You can read about it on our blog, but we thought we should let you know that your adorable, innocent pups are most likely not responsible.

Wiley & Fievel