Saturday, March 24, 2007

This is my yard

The hot weather went away, and then it rained for two days. It was really nice outside today and BLU and I spent most of the day soaking up sun in the back yard. All of our girl's plants are getting flowers. Some of them smell really yummy.

This is a picture of an orange tree. The tree is on the other side of the fence, but branches hang into our yard. It smelled really yummy for a couple of days, until the rain made most of the flowers go away.
Here are more flowers. We have lots of these big yellow bushes. I can't smell the flowers, but great big bumble bees really like them. I like to chase the bees. My girl yells at me when I do that. I don't know why.

We have a tree with round yellow flowers. I don't like this tree. It has sharp pokey things on it and I get scratched when I chase birds around it.

We also have really tall trees. I love to pee on the bottom of the really big trees. I also like to run around and chase the pigeons that live in them. I sometimes can catch the pigeons.

We have several other things in the yard with sharp pokey things. This plant is really sharp. If I get too close, it pokes really hard. It isn't fair, because lizards like to hide under this plant. How am I supposed to catch them if I can't get close enough?Here is another pokey plant. Sparrows like to hide by this plant. I tried running into the middle of it once, and got all sorts of prickers on me. The girl had to pull them off. Neither of us enjoyed that!
This is my favorite plant. Lots of fast, tiny little birds like this plant too. I like to lick the flowers because they are sweet and I like to try to catch the little birds. I haven't caught one yet, but I think they would taste good if I did.


hana said...

Hmmm, everydog seems to be discussing spring outdoorsy stuff today. Copper and Ivy both did! Are you all in cahoots about something?

You sure have a lot of interesting things in your yard!!

Ivy said...

wowie comet! wut a cool back yard you haf! i haf never caught a pigeon... do they taste like chicken or pigs?

you haf to be careful of those bumbley-bees. they are sharp just like the lizzard plants! i tried to eat a bumbley-bee one time and it wuz not worth it at all!

good luck wif the fast little birds. if you catch one i hope it tastes like the sweet flowers!

Luckie the Dachie said...

hey hey!
You have a huge YARD!! Very beautiful looking flowers...must have lots of smells huh?

Joe Stains said...

we have so many lizards in our yard too and they are so fun to chase!!!

Lilli & Nevada said...

I love Spitz, my little Princess Pom looks a lot like a Spitz i think there from the same family?