Monday, November 27, 2006

States of matter

Comet is so gross. There is always one of the three states of matter coming out of him.
And now Gas!

He's been walking around the house all day long farting. Each time he lets one rip, he quickly turns around to look at his butt, like a giant bug just crawled out of it. It is soooo disgusting. We were wrestling and I tried to bite his tail, and he farted right in my mouth. Sniffing butts is ok. Face farting isn't! Does anyone want to adopt "Mr. Stinky"?

I don't know what BLU's complaining about. My farts might be loud, but they don't stink......too much!


Anonymous said...

oh comet, is BLU really farts out loudly? the hooman been saying i farted sometime but couldn't catch me coz i never let out a noise when i fart so the hooman can play the blame game.

but! sometime i'm in disadvantage position too like when one of the hooman farts, they'll blame me!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Haa. you guys are funny. BLU maybe you shouldn't bite Comet's tail too often

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

OMG.... Comet sounds as bad as a skunk!! I have had a skunk fart in my face before and boy, that STUNK!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

hana said...

Hi BLU and Comet, just thought you should know the zip code on the eskie card exchange has the wrong zip code for me. It should be 94552. Hopefully you haven't mailed your cards out yet.

BLU and Comet said...

YIKES! If a skunk smells as bad as Comet, I wouldn't want to meet one! I just thought I'd let all of you know that Comet smells much better today!

Hana, thanks for the change. My girl was supposed to mail the cards yesterday for us but she decided to spend time with that other dog Jazz again. I don't know what her excuse was today, but she didn't go to the post office again. We told her that she needs to do it tomorrow.... or else!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I hear you on the farts. My folks think mine are bad - HUMAN farts though are a whole different story.