Sunday, April 18, 2010

NorCal Eskie Fest

On Saturday morning, our girl woke up early, ran to the farmer's market, then came home and made this yummy looking salad. Then she put it in a bag and left the house.

We've been busy doing detective work and tracked down where she went.
She got on a plane and flew to California to visit with some of our eskie friends! Jackson and Luna are in the pictures, along with some people who have other eskies.
What a traitor! Can you believe she is petting Jackson!
and look at all this yummy food they had!

Cake? YUMMM!!!

Can we have a piece?
Luna tried her best to get some treats.
But then her mom was mean and put her on a leash so she couldn't steal any food. And it was in Luna's house!! That's just wrong.

Look at these delicious looking dog treats.
Who are they going to give the treat to? Luna? Jackson?
What? Those are dog treats, NOT people treats. Didn't you have enough yummy food of your own?
Hey! Not another person eating OUR treats!

That's just WRONG!
We wonder if Jackson's mom is eating human food or more dog treats? What do you think?
Here the people are looking at all the pictures they took.
Who knew California was so cold. Our girl needed to borrow a coat, wear gloves, and drink hot tea to warm up.
But Jackson and Luna enjoyed the breeze and the view from Eskie Rock.

Tomorrow we will show you what our girl brought back for us......


Lorenza said...

Why... she... did... not... take... you... two... with... her....??
Kisses and hugs

Teddy Bear said...

What??? She went to an Eskie Fest without her Eskies? I hope she brought back lots of treats!

Teddy Bear

Maggie and Mitch said...

Holy crap! All of that delicious food and oodles of fun and you guys had to stay home? This is just not right!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Kari in WeHo said...

leaving you two behind is just wrong

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Bad Mommy! Leaving y'all was just wrong. As a fellow Eskie, I think y'all should withhold eskie hugs for a while. She did bring you some treats, but still she left you.

Prints the Cat said...

Oh yes, the famous NorCal eskie meet. I don't know why those CELs (crazy eskie ladies) want to eat dog treats. But, better they eat the dog treats than MY cat treats!

Prints the Cat said...

So what happened to BLU's pupcake?

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That looks like fun. But if the humans ate the doggy's food, shouldn't the doggies have been able to eat the humans' food? Just asking.