Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dog Park!!

Our trip to the vet yesterday was just for our yearly checkup. BLU got some mean sugar pills (glucose -a - mean) because she is getting old, but otherwise we are fine. After leaving the vet, I hijacked the car and made the girl take us to our favorite park. We didn't even care that it was raining a little bit.
At the park, we walked and walked, and WAIT! What is this? Why haven't we seen this dog park before?

Hurry up girl! Let us in! We want to play with the other dogs!

Ummm..... where are the other dogs?

Nobody is hiding behind this bush.
We looked and looked, but couldn't find anyone else to play with.
That's fine by me. I get this bucket of rain water all to myself!

Well I did, until Comet stuck his nose in my way.

Ok girl, we can leave. Nobody else is crazy enough to go to the dog park in the rain. Next time bring us when there is somebody to play with!


Prints the Cat said...

The dog park without any dogs in it? But don't people know dogs love to play in mud puddles?

Prints the Cat said...

Oh yeah. Have you met Cappy the Eskie? Hana met him in July in Carmel during their eskie meet. He is a little eskie with a big bark!

Mack and Sally Ann said...

The next time you need a friend at the dog park, let me know. I'll play with you.
Sally Ann

Kari in WeHo said...

a new dogpark is fun but no friends are booooooo

Lorenza said...

Well... at least you had the whole park for yourselves!
Kisses and hugs

Teddy Bear said...

I'm so glad you both are ok. The dog park all to yourselves? Pawesome! All that fun sniffing and running around almost makes a trip to the vet worth it. That's a big maybe though.:)

Teddy Bear

Fred said...

I hate going to the puppy park when there aren't any other puppies there!

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Dog parks are fun, but they are always MORE fun with other doggies!!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

Niamh said...

That is a nice big park that you had all to yourselves.

Your friend,

Joe Stains said...

ALl its been doing here is raining, we are SICK of it!!