Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sweet Treat

In the kitchen, on the counter
Shining bright, and looking fine
Was a yummy for my tummy
Mandarin orange called Clementine
Oh, my darling, oh, my darling
Oh, my darling Clementine
You are cold and sweet and juicy
I had to eat you, Clementine
Oh, my darling, oh, my darling
Oh, my darling Clementine

You are lost and gone forever
Dreadful sorry, Clementine


Isis said...

CLEMENTINE?! i've never had that before, maybe i'll steal some from the boy next time...

Chow Chow said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I love the song your sang! Very nice and creative!

Joe Stains said...

yummm indeed, we like those, but not as much as we like your song!

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, we love your song!

M & I

bunch o'mutts said...

Comet, you are such a sweet boy eating your clementine. We thought you were scared of oranges and other citrus (we read it in on of your earlier entries). Were you in therapy?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Comet!
Mandarine Clementine! Yummy!
I like it too, but I did not know its name!
Kisses and hugs

Niamh said...

You are such a good poet Comet. Great song. I've never had a clementine - I will have to try one.

Your friend,

Kirby said...

Mmmmm, that sure looked good. I've never tried a Clementine, but I'll have to make Mom share with me next time she has one.

Your pal,

Hana said...

Wow, another song from you. I think you must be famous. What a great song.... sounds like a song I've heard before though. :-) One of my favorite songs of yours is Return to Sender.

Have you thought of publishing your poetry and songs in a Photobook? :-)

Bae Bae said...

Haa. what a pawsome song and yummy treat

~ Bae

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a great song, Comet! Mom shares tiny bits of clementine with us too! It's yummy!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

You are so lucky! We have never had a Clementine but we have seen them in the house. Mom NEVER gives us any people food. She says something about never getting any peace if we think we can eat anything.
Thanks for coming by our blog. We are glad we still have some friends.

Roxie, Sammy & Andhy

Lenny said...

That's a pawesome version of that song. I think I smell some of those on our counter....time to go surfing!

Your friend, Lenny

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

Eduardo said...

BOL! That was so funny! My Mommy was singing it!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Those look so yummy!! We want some. Can you bring some over and we can eat and play zoomies??

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Murphey said...

hee hee, my lady liked that song. But we won't eat Clementines, or oranges, but lemons, YUM.


MOCHI said...

hi. I saw some of these pictures on eskie board. I just wanted to stop by and leave a comment.

Biggie-Z said...

My Uncle Boo (he went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 30, 2006) was an Eskie who LOVED fruit. Any kind of fruit. Me, I'm more of a meat and veg sorta guy.

But your post brought my Momma back to the days when she had a more, ahem, manageable sized dog!


BaiBai said...

Oh you like oranges? I dislike fruits and vegetables, but I do know a Shih Tzu friend that likes oranges too...


We love those too! And you know what?

Momma also save the peels and dries them and then we eat them as a nice crunchy treat!

Ian P said...

i love that song so much i want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.