Friday, August 15, 2008

Trying to get to China

I heard that if you dig a hole deep enough, you will reach China. Since the Olympics are there, I thought it would be interesting to visit. So, I started digging in the hallway.
I barely got an inch down, when my really really really MAD girl made me stop. She muttered something about digging myself straight into a 6 foot deep hole.

I was very confused, because I think I would need to dig deeper than 6 feet to reach China. Can any of my friends explain what my girl means?


the Corgi Girls said...

BOL!!!! OMD, I really really don't think she was happy pal! If you need refuge, let us know, you can hang at the lounge until your girl calms down!

M & I

Maggie and Mitch said...

OOPS! I guess we know what your girl's project will be today! Watch those splinters!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Isis said...

WOW! i'm gonna try digging in MY hall way. Maybe your girl is going to help you by digging the first 6 feet?!

Yeah girl!

(i would stay away from the hole until we were sure she was helping... it might be a trap...)

Shmoo said...

It means that you did such a good job that she wants to commission you to dig 6 feet deeper into the floor. I'd get busy if I were you.


Lorenza said...

Yes, they say if you dig a hole you can get to China but I think you chose a wrong spot to dig.
Try outside and good luck!
Kisses and hugs


Oh oh- you are in TROUBLE!!!!!

Come to our bloggie We have something for you!

Joe Stains said...

I think it basically means, STOP DIGGING! Yikes!

Sitka, Tia, & Cornelia Marie said...

OMD! I think my mom may not be happy either if I did that here.

Amber-Mae said...

I have no idea what she means too! I guess you'll just need to keep digging & digging till you reach China.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Kodak the Eskie said...

Oh, you cute little digger dog! I'm sorry your girl got mad at you. It was a very good plan. My mommy doesn't like me digging in the house either. What's up with that?

Hugs, Kodak

Deefor said...

I don't think 6 feet is nearly enough to get to China. Cool digging. Looks like you got a good start.


Homer said...

I wish you can really dig your way to China to come visit me...